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It takes 10 years to grow good trees, but a hundred years to grow good people - Anonymous
Botani Magic Gardens - BotaniMG - is among Israel's leading growth and wholesale nursery for trees, palms, cycads, topiary, bonsai and exemplars.     
In addition, we are involved in extensive R&D focusing on the development of resilient trees with low-water consumption.  Some of our developments are protected by P.B.R (Plant Breeder Rights), which is the equivalent to a patent.  
As a wholesale nursery, we collaborate with the institutional sector, municipal authorities and city planners, landscape architects and contractors, on large-scale urban and public landscape projects.  
Dedicated to the global efforts of creating greener surroundings , BotaniMG is devoted to bring nature to the urban environment.  The importance of trees in urban landscaping has increased over the past decade due to their contribution in:
  • Absorbing dust and toxic particles
  • Filtering and purifying polluted air, and producing fresh oxygen
  • Lowering temperatures during summer
  • Reducing noise
  • Raising value of real estate property
BotaniMG operates in Israel 40 hectares, located in the Negev desert
and in the center of Israel near Tel-Aviv.
For further information please contact us.

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